What is Batikbowtie?


Batik is an ancient art of textile that originated from Indonesia. Distinguished by its unique painting, designs and coloring technique, it represents the patience and creativity of the women and men behind the beautiful colors and patterns.

The evolution of Batik in the last two centuries does not only establish it as a cultural symbol, but also represents the values and pride of the Indonesians who wear it.

The idea of  making bowties in Batik came about in 2010. I have always loved bowties and having lived outside of Indonesia for the past 12 years, I always have a Batik shirt with me.  Fashion has evolved tremendously over the years creating with it different eras of styles and wardrobe essentials.  The bowtie, however, is a fashion staple that defies time and era. It provides a classic touch to any outfit and makes a statement without being over the top.

Batikbowtie is an excellent way of preserving the art and culture by combining the well known textile with everyday smart fashion.  It also represents the pride of our nation as it comes from many different parts of Indonesia. We have Batik from Java, Madura, Kalimantan, Irian Jaya, Bali, each with its own signature and uniqueness.

I wear my Batikbowtie every chance I get. It is a symbol of where I come from, it reminds me of home and makes a fashion statement at the same time. The Batikbowties fit in seamlessly with everyday life – they are casual yet elegant, bold but not overbearing.

Each bowtie is hand-made with great care. Every one of them is unique. There are no two that are completely the same as each bowtie is cut individually.  Each Batikbowtie isversatile and they are suitable for  all kinds of parties and occasions. I hope you have lots of fun matching it with the different elements of your wardrobe and wearing it to places.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your fashion statement today.